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June 25, 2016

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a. In or to a higher position: looking up.

b. In a direction opposite to the center of the earth or a comparable gravitational center: up from the lunar surface.

2. In or to an upright position: sat up in bed.


a. Above a surface: coming up for air.

b. So as to detach or unearth: pulling up weeds.

c. Above the horizon: as the sun came up.

4. Into view or existence: draw up a will.

5. Into consideration: take up a new topic.

6. In or toward a position conventionally regarded as higher, as on a scale, chart, or map: temperatures heading up; up in Canada.

7. To or at a higher price: stocks that are going up.

8. So as to advance, increase, or improve: Our spirits went up.

9. With or to a greater intensity, pitch, or volume: turn the sound up.

10. Into a state of excitement or turbulence: stir up; rouse up.

11. Completely; entirely: drank it up in a gulp; fastened up the coat.

12. Used as an intensifier of the action of a verb: typed up a list.

13. So as to approach; near: came up and kissed me.

14. To a stop: pulled up in front of the station.

15. Each; apiece: The score was tied at 11 up.

16. Apart; into pieces: tore it up.

17. Nautical To windward.


1. Being above a former position or level; higher: My grades are up. The pressure is up.


a. Out of bed: was up by seven.

b. Standing; erect.

c. Facing upward: two cards up, one down; the up side of a tossed coin.

3. Raised; lifted: a switch in the up position.

4. Moving or directed upward: an up elevator.


a. Marked by increased excitement or agitation; aroused: Our fighting spirit was up.

b. Informal Cheerful; optimistic; upbeat.

c. Slang Happily excited; euphoric: After receiving the award, the performer was really up.

6. Informal Taking place; going on: wondered what was up back home.

7. Being considered; under study: a contract that is up for renewal.

8. Running as a candidate.

9. On trial; charged: The defendant is up for manslaughter.

10. Having been finished; over: Your time is up.

11. Informal

a. Prepared; ready: had to be up for the game.

b. Well informed; abreast: not up on sports.

12. Functioning or capable of functioning normally; operational: Their computers are now up.

13. Sports Being ahead or at a numerical advantage over one's opponent: up two strokes in golf; up one man during the power play.

14. Baseball At bat.

15. As a bet; at stake.

16. Nautical Bound; headed: a freighter up for Panama.


1. From a lower to or toward a higher point on: up the hill.

2. Toward or at a point farther along: two miles up the road.

3. In a direction toward the source of: up the Mississippi.

4. Nautical Against: up the wind.


1. An upward slope; a rise.

2. An upward movement or trend.

3. Slang A feeling of excitement or euphoria.

v. upped, up·ping, ups


1. To increase: upped their fees; upping our output.

2. To raise to a higher level, especially to promote to a higher position.

3. Nautical To raise: up anchor; up sail.

on the up-and-up/up and up Informal

Open and honest.

up against

Confronted with; facing: up against a strong opponent.

up and

Abruptly and unexpectedly: They up and left without saying goodbye.

up to

1. Occupied with, especially devising or scheming: a prowler up to no good.

2. Able to do or deal with: didn't feel up to a long drive.

3. Dependent on: The success of this project is up to us.


a. To the point of; as far as or until: I'm up to chapter 15 in my book. The kids played right up to dinnertime.

b. As long as: allowed up to two hours to finish the test.

c. As many as: seed that yields up to 300 bushels per acre.



1. indicating movement from a lower to a higher position: climbing up a mountain.

2. at a higher or further level or position in or on: soot up the chimney; a shop up the road.


3. (often particle) to an upward, higher, or erect position, esp indicating readiness for an activity: looking up at the stars; up and doing something.

4. (particle) indicating intensity or completion of an action: he tore up the cheque; drink up now!.

5. to the place referred to or where the speaker is: the man came up and asked the way.


a. to a more important place: up to London.

b. to a more northerly place: up to Scotland.

c. (of a member of some British universities) to or at university

d. in a particular part of the country: up north.

7. above the horizon: the sun is up.

8. (Law) appearing for trial: up before the magistrate.

9. having gained: ten pounds up on the deal.

10. (Commerce) higher in price: coffee is up again.

11. raised (for discussion, etc): the plan was up for consideration.

12. (Education) taught: well up in physics.

13. (functioning as imperative) get, stand, etc, up: up with you!.

14. all up with informal

a. over; finished

b. doomed to die

15. up with (functioning as imperative) wanting the beginning or continuation of: up with the monarchy!.

16. something's up informal something strange is happening

17. up against

a. touching

b. having to cope with: look what we're up against now.

18. up and running in operation; functioning properly

19. up for

a. as a candidate or applicant for: he's up for re-election again.

b. informal keen or willing to try: she's up for anything.

20. informal keen or willing to try: she's up for anything.

21. up for it informal keen or willing to try something out or make a good effort: it's a big challenge and I'm up for it.

22. up to

a. devising or scheming; occupied with: she's up to no good.

b. dependent or incumbent upon: the decision is up to you.

c. equal to (a challenge, etc) or capable of (doing, etc): are you up to playing in the final?.

d. aware of: up to a person's tricks.

e. as far as: up to his waist in mud.

f. as many as: up to two years' waiting time.

g. comparable with: not up to your normal standard.

23. up top informal in the head or mind

24. up yours slang a vulgar expression of contempt or refusal

25. what's up? informal

a. what is the matter?

b. what is happening?


26. (predicative) of a high or higher position

27. (predicative) out of bed; awake: the children aren't up yet.

28. (Railways) (prenominal) of or relating to a train or trains to a more important place or one regarded as higher: the up platform.

29. (predicative) over or completed: the examiner announced that their time was up.

30. (predicative) beating one's opponent by a specified amount: three goals up by half-time.

vb, ups, upping or upped

31. (tr) to increase or raise

32. (intr; foll by and with a verb) informal to do (something) suddenly, unexpectedly, etc: she upped and married someone else.


33. high point; good or pleasant period (esp in the phrase ups and downs)

34. (Recreational Drugs) slang another word (esp US) for upper9
35. on the up and up

a. trustworthy or honest

b. Brit on the upward trend or movement: our firm's on the up and up.

36. up oneself slang self-absorbed or arrogant: he's so up himself.

[Old English upp; related to Old Saxon, Old Norse up, Old High German ūf, Gothic iup]

Usage: The use of up before until is redundant and should be avoided: the talks will continue until (not up until) 23rd March


abbreviation for

1. (Journalism & Publishing) United Press

2. Uttar Pradesh



adv., prep., adj., n., v. upped, up•ping. adv.

1. to, toward, or in a more elevated position.

2. to or in an erect position: to stand up.

3. out of bed: to get up.

4. above the horizon: The moon came up.

5. to or at any point that is considered higher.

6. to or at a source, origin, center, or the like.

7. to or at a higher point or degree, as of rank, size, value, or intensity: Prices went up. Speak up!

8. to or at a point of equal advance, extent, etc.: to catch up in a race.

9. in continuing contact, esp. as reflecting continuing awareness or knowledge: to keep up with the news.

10. into or in activity, operation, etc.: to set up shop.

11. into a state of emotional agitation: Don't get all worked up.

12. into existence, view, prominence, or consideration: The lost papers turned up.

13. into or in a place of safekeeping, storage, etc.: to put up preserves.

14. into or in a state of union, contraction, etc.: to add up a column of figures.

15. to the final point; to an end; entirely: to be used up.

16. to a halt: The car pulled up.

17. (used with a verb for additional emphasis): Wake your brother up.

18. at bat in baseball.

19. ahead; in a leading position in a competition.

20. each; apiece: The score was 20 up.

21. Informal. without ice; straight up.

22. Naut. toward the wind: Put the helm up.


23. to, toward, or at a higher place on or in: to go up the stairs.

24. to, toward, or at a higher station, condition, or rank on or in: being well up the social ladder.

25. at or to a farther point or higher place on or in: The store is up the street.

26. toward the source, origin, etc., of: to float up a stream.

27. toward or in the interior of (a region, etc.).

28. in a direction contrary to that of: to row up the current.


29. moving in or related to a direction that is up or is regarded as up: the up elevator.

30. informed; familiar; aware (usu. fol. by on or in): I'm not up on current events.

31. concluded; ended: Your time is up.

32. going on or happening: What's up over there?

33. having a high position or station: to be up in society.

34. in an erect, vertical, or raised position: The tent is up.

35. above the ground: The corn is up.

36. (of heavenly bodies) risen above the horizon.

37. awake or out of bed.

38. mounted on horseback.

39. (of water in natural bodies) high with relation to the banks or shore.

40. built; constructed.

41. facing upward.

43. in a state of agitation.

44. cheerful or optimistic; exuberant; upbeat.

45. afoot or amiss: Her nervous manner told me that something was up.

46. higher than formerly in amount, degree, etc.: The price of meat is up.

47. in a state of enthusiastic or confident readiness (usu. fol. by for).

48. being or due to be prosecuted: to be up for fraud.

49. in operation or ready for use; working: The theater's lights are up.

50. ahead of an opponent in a competition: He's two sets up.

51. considered or under consideration: a candidate up for reelection.

52. wagered; bet.

53. living or located inland or on elevated ground: They live two miles up from the coast.


54. an upward movement; ascent.

55. a time of good fortune, prosperity, etc.: the ups and downs in a career.

56. Informal. a feeling or state of happiness or exuberance.

58. an upward slope; elevation.

59. an upward course or rise, as in price or value.


60. to put or take up.

61. to make larger; step up: to up output.

62. to raise; go better than (a preceding wager).


63. Informal. to start up; begin something abruptly (usu. fol. by and and another verb): Then he upped and ran away from home.

64. (often used imperatively or hortatively) to stand or rise up: Up, men, and fight!


1. on the up and up, worth believing; honest; trustworthy.

2. up against, confronted with; faced with.

3. up and around or about, recovered from an illness; able to leave one's bed.

4. up and doing, busily engaged in activities.

5. up for grabs, Informal. freely available to whoever can acquire it first.

6. up to,

a. as far as: I am up to the eighth lesson.

b. in fulfillment of: I couldn't live up to their expectations.

c. as many as; to the limit of: up to five persons.

d. capable of; equal to: Is he up to the job?

e. incumbent upon: It's up to you to tell her.

f. engaged in; doing: What have you been up to lately?

[before 900; Middle English up(pe) (adv.), Old English up(p) to a higher position, c. Old Frisian up, Old Norse upp; akin to Old High German ūf, Gothic iup]


a combining form of up: upland; upshot; upheaval.

[Middle English; Old English]


In artillery and naval gunfire support:1. A term used in a call for fire to indicate that the target is higher in altitude than the point which has been used as a reference point for the target location.
2. A correction used by an observer or a spotter in time fire to indicate that an increase in height of burst is desired.


1. 'up'

Up can be a preposition. You usually use it to show that someone or something moves towards a higher place or position.

I carried my suitcase up the stairs behind her.

The heat goes straight up the chimney.

Up can also be an adverb. It is often used in phrasal verbs to show that someone or something moves towards a higher place or position.

The coffee was sent up from the kitchen below.

Bill put up his hand.

You also use up as an adverb to show that someone or something is in a high place.

He was up in his bedroom.

They live in a house up in the hills.

2. 'up to'

You can say that someone goes up to a higher place.

I went up to the top floor.

You also say that someone goes up to a place when it is further north than the place they started from.

I thought of going up to New York.

Why did you come up to Edinburgh?

British speakers sometimes use up to instead of 'to' for no special reason.

The other day I went up to the supermarket.

We all went up to the pub.


Past participle: upped
Gerund: upping

Imperative Present Preterite Present Continuous Present Perfect Past Continuous Past Perfect Future Future Perfect Future Continuous Present Perfect Continuous Future Perfect Continuous Past Perfect Continuous Conditional Past Conditional

I up
you up
he/she/it ups
we up
you up
they up
I upped
you upped
he/she/it upped
we upped
you upped
they upped
Present Continuous
I am upping
you are upping
he/she/it is upping
we are upping
you are upping
they are upping
Present Perfect
I have upped
you have upped
he/she/it has upped
we have upped
you have upped
they have upped
Past Continuous
I was upping
you were upping
he/she/it was upping
we were upping
you were upping
they were upping
Past Perfect
I had upped
you had upped
he/she/it had upped
we had upped
you had upped
they had upped
I will up
you will up
he/she/it will up
we will up
you will up
they will up
Future Perfect
I will have upped
you will have upped
he/she/it will have upped
we will have upped
you will have upped
they will have upped
Future Continuous
I will be upping
you will be upping
he/she/it will be upping
we will be upping
you will be upping
they will be upping
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been upping
you have been upping
he/she/it has been upping
we have been upping
you have been upping
they have been upping
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been upping
you will have been upping
he/she/it will have been upping
we will have been upping
you will have been upping
they will have been upping
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been upping
you had been upping
he/she/it had been upping
we had been upping
you had been upping
they had been upping
I would up
you would up
he/she/it would up
we would up
you would up
they would up
Past Conditional
I would have upped
you would have upped
he/she/it would have upped
we would have upped
you would have upped
they would have upped