Everything You Wanted to Know About Gay Porn Stars

Editors' review

June 21, 2017

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It would be easy to dismiss the premiere episode of here! TV's behind-the-scenes look at gay porn stars – where director John Roecker asks pumped-up, bare-chested gay porn stars filmed against a stark, harshly lit backdrop to reveal how they arrived at naming themselves for porn to a unanimous yawn – but seriously don't.

Somewhere about the 3rd episode, Roecker (Live Freak! Die Freaky!) completes his transformation from outsider asking dumb blond questions to astuteconfidant; Changing everything in the process.

What you'll learn in Everything You Wanted To Know About Gay Porn Stars but were afraid to ask might be more disturbing than you had hoped – the series is a serious dress down of the ills that confront gay porn stars.

The seven episodes that make up the series delve deep into the lives of the men who make gay sex on film so much fun for the rest us. And in the process, Roecker debunks the myth that the gay porn star lives a glamorous, carefree life.

Roecker successfully gains the confidence of his subjects to share their sordid stories of drug addiction, unprotected sex and HIV infection, love as a gay porn star, depression and, at least in one case, a lifetime of sexual abuse and exploitation.

“During the year-and-a-half it took to complete this project, 22 gay porn stars have died either due to HIV infection or drug addiction,” Roecker says in his director's statement. “And yet the majority of these movie companies do nothing.”

Included also are humorous and uplifting moments which alter our perception of who these buff boys really are.

In an early interview, Johnny Hazzard shares with us how he realized he was gay and what it meant to him.

“I didn't know it was called gay,” Hazzard tells us as he lies on an inflatable lounge chair in the middle of a pool. “I didn't know I was suppose to get it up the ass.”

“You don't have to do it, if you don't want,” Roecker says.

“You don't have to, but it's highly recommended,” Hazzard responds.

We also hear from Brad Benton, Nick Capra, Jason Hawke, Nick Piston, and Jason Ridge, among others.

“The very talented filmmaker John Roecker has opened a surprising new window into a largely misunderstood world. We are thrilled to share his fascinating series with our audience,” said Meredith Kadlec, Senior Vice President, original programming for here! Networks.

And share they do.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Gay Porn Stars but were afraid to ask is currently playing on cable channel here!

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