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May 8, 2016

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09.02.2015 44974

A clash between Tyler Brown and Shaun Parker is the most famous double knockout in MMA history.

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08.08.2016 2679

This is a woman you don’t want to piss off!

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07.08.2016 2757

What’s your prediction for the rematch?

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06.08.2016 37618

This hurts me just watching it!

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03.08.2016 2208

Robbie hit him so hard he doesn’t remember being knocked out

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03.08.2016 1335

Damn! It Is Funny

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02.08.2016 42984

This guy acts cocky pre-fight, and then…

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01.08.2016 28161

This was great much respect to Nate Quarry

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01.08.2016 834

Stevenson improves his record to 28-1 (23 KO’s).

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31.07.2016 10171

The most anticipated rematch takes place in 3 weeks and here’s the promo video!
Do you think Conor will win this time or is Nate going to beat him again?

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31.07.2016 6616

Watch the slow mo replay at the end of the article

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