King 'n' Me

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December 18, 2016

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Title: King 'n' Me Trailer
Description: An eccentric millionaire [Michael Jacobs] sends a seasoned documentary film crew on a search to find the most legendary icon in the history of rock ‘n’ roll...The King. Is he alive, as many believe? If so, does he want to be found? Is there any credibility to the often ridiculous tales of "sightings"?

With an angry, alcoholic Director [Rob Ashkenas], a spoiled, egomaniacal celebrity journalist [Michael Dasch], and a ragtag crew of half-wits, the team searches throughout the urban jungles of Southern Florida to answer these questions. What they soon find will not only change their careers, but also their lives.

A tour de force performance by Producer/Co-Writer/Star Mike McSween, Shot & Cut by award winning filmmaker Steven Jacobs, highlight this comedic and transcendent mockumentary about the lengths people will go to find what they’re looking for...and discovering themselves in the meantime.

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Related Names: Nicole Crespo, Steven Jacobs, Rob Ashkenas, Stara Avila, Sarah Hanna, Larry J. Simon, Michael Jacobs, Dave Van Hecke, Pete Hausmann, Michael Dasch, Dan Hakemian, Mike Mcsween
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